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Are you drowning in data?

Receive unprecedented insight in a simple dashboard with VisualDNA Audience Spotlight

This powerful, real-time audience analytics and reporting tool allows you to see exactly who is coming to your site, what they are viewing and clicking on and how long they are staying. 

Our rich user interface breaks down psychographic data profiles for each of your site visitors and displays them according to 450 audience segments in ten key advertising verticals. Number of book buyers, of Italian food lovers, of car owners or gardeners - the segmentation possibilities are practically limitless. Compare the audience make-up of various site pages and sections and see how your site statistics change through time.

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With Audience Spotlight you are able to:

Identify new target market segments

Although you may have an idea of who your most common site visitors are, Audience Spotlight can reveal groups of high-value users that would be difficult to identify otherwise.

Get more brands advertising on your site

Audience profiling enables you to identify unique user characteristics that can be leveraged to match requirements of marketers that wouldn't normally advertise on your site.

Add value to your ad inventory

Whether to optimise direct response or brand campaigns, advertisers are more likely to purchase ad space from publishers that allow them to reach the right audience and increase conversions. Use the interface to illustrate the value of your advertising space, resulting in higher yields from your media sales. Added value also helps you to stabilise your revenue, diminishing risk of over-reliance on premium pricing on key pages.

Deliver personalised content to your site visitors

Increase customer engagement and loyalty by tailoring your site content and messaging to an individual's interests, wants and needs. Using Audience Spotlight you can monitor improvements and progress made in site performance through time.



 Simply deploy our Audience Analytics Tag (similar to a Google Analytics tag) on all of your site pages and as soon as we have enough profiled users to compute your site statistics you can
start using Audience Spotlight.

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